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Market Stalls - "Anster' Fair"

"Nor sigh the young alone for Anster Fair;
Old men and wives, erewhile content to die,
Who hardly can forsake their easy-chair,
To take, abroad, farewell of sun and sky,
Withnew desire of life now glowing, pray
That they may justo'erlive our famous market-day."


William Tennant "Anster Fair" (1812)

'Anster Fair', Anstruther's historic market day, was immortalised by local man William Tennant in his burlesque, epic poem set in the Scotland of King James V.  The poem regales how local lass Maggie Lauder, unimpressed with the local talent, sets a competition for potential suitors involving sack and donkey races, storytelling, and bagpipe playing. 
The Anstruther Harbour Festival nods to this by hosting a variety of traders every year as an integral part of the weekend. We look forward to bringing this back in 2021!

Stalls will be open from 10am - 4pm.

Traders and Businesses may include:

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