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Muster Sponsor - Anstruther Fish Bar

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The Anstruther Muster, first held in 1997 and organised by the Anstruther Sailing Club, is an annual gathering of boats from all over the east coast.


The Muster has formed part of the Anstruther Harbour Festival since the Festivals inception in 2013. Since 2016, the Muster has been organised by the Festival.


Boats for the Muster generally arrive on Friday and depart on the Sunday of the Festival weekend. 

Classic Boat Rally

Since 2013, the Muster has included a Classic Boat Rally organised by Anstruther Harbour Festival in conjunction with Anstruther Sailing Club. During the Festival, the inner harbour wall at the middle pier is reserved for classic boats entered in the Classic Boat Rally.  


The Classic Boat Rally is open to yachts, dinghies, motorboats, and working boats and at the Muster awards ceremony in the music marquee, the Festival will award trophies for:


  • Best Dressed Boat

  • Furthest Travelled Boat

  • Smallest Boat

  • Oldest Boat

  • Classic Boat of the Year


'Anstruther Classic Boat Rally' pennants

will also be awarded to participating boats

and harbour dues will be reimbursed. 


Information for Skippers: Muster

For those bringing a boat to the Muster, the following spaces will be available:

  • 20 available spaces on pontoon berths and rafted out on hammerhead pontoons

  • Up to 20 berths, double-rafted at the ladders of the outer harbour wall 

  • East wall of the outer harbour. Please note, there are new ladders but only the 4 berths closest to the harbour entrance are suitable for drying out, as the bottom elsewhere on the east pier is rock. Additionally, the berths on the east wall of the outer harbour have very limited shelter from southerlies or westerlies













The inner harbour wall at the middle pier is reserved for classic boats entered in the Muster's Classic Boat Rally. 


Visiting boats will each receive an ‘Anstruther Muster’ pennant.  To be sure of receiving a pennant, a week's notice of your attendance is required to the AHF Muster Organiser (contact info above). 


In previous years, Fife Council Harbours Deptartment offered reduced harbour dues of £15/ £20/ £25 for 1/ 2/ 3 nights berthing during the Muster, and hopefully these will apply at the next Muster. The reduced dues will only apply to pier berths.  Pontoon berths, including boats rafted at hammerhead pontoons will be charged at the normal rates.


Information for Skippers: Classic Boat Rally

To be classified as "classic", the boat should generally be wooden or steel hulled. GRP hulls will be allowed if they are a descendant of a wooden hull design and display enough wood trim to pass as a classic, or boats of “classic” design of any period or construction form. All classic boat classifications will be subject to the discretion of AHF’s Muster organiser.

During the Muster, information sheets describing the design, construction and history of each Classic Boat will be displayed at the quayside adjacent to each boat. 


Skippers should berth on the inner harbour wall of the middle pier reserved for classic boats. To ensure allocation of a suitable berth, skippers must contact the harbourmaster and AHF Muster organiser  to give advance notice of their attendance at the Rally.

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